Surgical Face Mask

Futuuremed masks aid in infection control practices. It has features that include easy breathing, comfort fit, lightweight, facial protection and secure tight fit. They are disposable, easy to tie, universal size, 100% glass and latex free. We have ear loop and tie on facemasks.


Our main varieties of masks are:

Tie On Masks – These masks with ties join together behind the head. The ties are long enough to fit all face shapes & sizes.


Earloop Face Masks – These masks have an elastic loop on each side which goes over the ear. Made with soft elastic-rubber sting that is attached to the mask.


Brand – MM


Model – Tie & Elastic


Colour – Blue / Green / White


Type – 2 layer , 3 layer, 3 layer (Filter Layer), 4 Layer (Filter/ Non Filter)


Material : Non – Woven


Usage: Medical & Nursing, Hospitality, Cleaning, Food Processing & Industrial


Futuuremed’s PurebreathTM  range has a variety of N95 masks. These masks include Round Shape Valve , Folded Valve, Duck Bill Valve/without and dust masks.


All pollution masks have high quality filter that can filter particles up to PM 2.5. 


Children masks for age 2 and above are also available.


Usage: Air Pollution, Industrial, Health and Cleaning.


Brand MM


Size:  Different varieties.


Material: Non woven & cloth

 Bouffant Cap

Disposable Bouffant Cap also known as Hair Net & Mob Cap. The cap is very light in weight and comfortable to wear. The cap application 

Brand – MM


Sizes: 17 inch, 18 inch, 21 inch


Colour – Blue / Green / White


Material : Non – Woven


Usage: Medical & Nursing, Hospitality, Catering and Factories / Industries






1. Open Bouffant Cap and stretch with back of hands.

2. Stretch bouffant Cap over head front to back, keeping the seam in the centre. 

3. Ensure hair is completely contained within the elastic.

4. Throw after usage.

Disposable Surgeon Cap

These caps are extensively used in medical sectors and appreciated for their tear strength and high sterile standards. Doctors mostly use them during surgeries and in OPD. It has excellent durability, prevention from skin irritation & bacteria, and easy adjustable elastic.


Brand – MM


Colour: Blue / Green


Size : Standard


Material: Non Woven


Usage: Medical & Nursing

Disposable Medical Apron

DISPOSABLE MEDICAL APRON We stock an assortment of disposable aprons and hygienic aprons that will keep you and your clothes protected from whatever they may come into contact with. The aprons are sterlised by ETO. It is a onetime use product, with waterproof and recyclable features. The products are ISO certified.


Brand – MM


Type : Plastic , PVC and SMS


Size: Standard


Packing: Individual Sterilized


Usage: Medical & Nursing, Hospitality


Underpad is a fluid absorbent sheet used by individuals in different sectors. The premium quality SAP in the sheets absorbs a large amount of liquid. 


Brand – MM


Sizes:  60cm x 90cm


Packing: Individual, 10 pcs , 50 pcs


Material : Non – Woven


Colour: Green & Blue


Usage: Medical & Nursing, Hospitality, Elderly Care, Pet Industry  

Instapore Micropore Tape

Micro porous adhesive tape is used to affix dressings to wounds, and to hold bandages in place. The tape is water resistant, hypoallergenic and has excellent air permeability


Brand – Instapore


Tape Length: 9.1 mtrs


Tape Sizes: ½ inch , 1 inch , 2 inch and 3 inch


Box – 12 inches in a Box

Trolley Cover/ Sheet (Disposable)

We are engaged in offering a wide assortment of Trolley Covers to our clients. This cover is available in standard size and length and can be customized as per the specific requirement of our clients. The cover offered by us is of premium plastic quality made by latest technology. Apart from this, clients can avail the entire range in various sizes

from us at market leading price. The cover is sterilized through ETO. The cover is recyclable and waterproof.


Brand – MM


Material : Plastic


Sizes: - 100 cm x 120cm

  •           -100cm x 200cm

Sterilisation Wraps

The wraps are used in the medical sector to ensure that materials and instrument tray’s sterility is uncompromised. The wraps are easy and fast to use. The sms fabric’s strength prevents tearing allowing full bacterial filtration.

Material : SMS


Brand - MM


Sizes: 50cm x 50cm      

  75cm x 75cm

     100 cm x 100cm


Shoe Cover (Disposable)

Plastic and Non-woven shoe covers. The shoe covers help the hygiene level of the place immensely.


Material: Medical Grade Polymer, Medical Grade Fabric


Brand – MM


Colour – Blue


Size: Standard , Long Shoe cover


Usage: Hospitals, Industrial and Food Processing

Urine Bag

Bedside urine drainage bag meets the most stringent demands with regard to safety and convenience as required in intensive care and surgical units. Urine Drainage Bag is “Closed system” with many small details making this bag something big – with the purpose of making nursing and intensive care patients easy and safe by reducing the infection risk.

    Salient Features

 - Universal Connector with Protective Cap: designed to fit all makes of catheter, the carefully angled serrations on connector ensures easy insertion and a firm grip to safeguard against accidental disconnection.

 - Effective Non- Return Valve: the specially designed non-return valve prevents back flow of urine, so reducing the risk of retrograde bacterial infection.

 - Reliable bottom outlet: the pull/push type drainage tap design permits efficient, single-handed emptying and reduces   the risk of contamination.

  - Clear graduations: graduation marks cross the entire width of the bag to ensure exact readings. -       The graduations are  100, 500, 1000, 1500 and 2000ml.

 - Strong material: Uroguard urine drainage bags are made of extra strong medical grade                      impermeable PVC material for absolute strength and safety.

- Flexible and Kink Resistance Tubing: soft and flexible for easier positioning, the tube has a low integral memory, preventing re-thinking at stress prone points and ensuring free flow of urine.

- Safe against Leakage: To ensure a maximum safety against leakage, the bags have double welded

  seams and reinforced holes for hanging.  


Sponge+ is an invaluable aid in surgery. The gelatin sponges are easy to work with and are extremely effective in the control of haemostasis, whereby the duration of operations can be reduced.


Features - Sterile, absorbable, water-insoluble gelatin, sponge with haemostatic effect. This sponge has been prepared from a neutral reacting, purified gelatine foam of uniform porosity. The dried foam is cut out, packed and sterilized. Is ready for direct use in the operating theatre.


 - Sterile absorbable gelatin sponges used in the control of oozing bleedings when conventional haemostasis is difficult and when use of non-absorbable material is undesirable.

- Has an absorption capacity corresponding to 40 times its own weight.

  • - It comes in five dispensing forms all of which are double packed. These 5 dispensing forms can cover any need for an effective haemostasis in all types of surgery.




Examination Gloves

The Gloves are made of white natural rubber latex, textured surface for secure grip, automatic finger shape and beaded cuff for excellent gown grip. They help in preventing contamination between caregivers and patients. The gloves in different sizes to cater every hand size


Brand – MM


Colour – White / Natural


Type – Powdered


Usage: Medical Examinations and Procedures

Nitrile Gloves

Nitrile gloves are medical grade gloves made out of synthetic rubber. They are latex free, powder free and is more puncture resistance than examination or vinyl gloves.


Brand: MM


Colour: Blue, White, etc.


Usage: Medical, Hospitality, Industrial, Household and Personal.

Plastic Gloves

Plastic Gloves are a popular choice for food and hospitality industry. They are durable and economical.


Brand: MM


Colour: Natural Transparent


Usage: Hospitality, Catering, Household, and Industrial Packing.

Vinyl Gloves

Vinyl gloves are a popular choice for the food industry. They are latex free and highly durable. Their slight loose fit makes it easier to put on.


Brand: MM


Colour – Natural


Usage: Food and Hospitality Industry


Disposable Camera Cover

MM Sterile Camera cover acts as a sterile barrier around the camera head and the cable. The cover is economical and extends the life of expensive video camera heads and cables. 


Brand – MM


Colour: Transparent


Material: Soft Plastic


Usage: Medical Sector


Disposable C-arm Cover

It is a sterile protection to cover the c-arm machine components. It enhances the sterility of surgical procedure rooms. The soft elastic makes it easy to place and tightens the hold of the cover.


Brand – MM


Colour – Transparent


Size: Standard

  • Can be altered according to the machine head size.


Usage: Medical Sector

Disposable Angio Protection Cover

It is a circular protective cover used during angiography procedures. It is sterilized through ETO.


Brand – MM

Colour – Transparent

Size: Standard

- Can be alerted according to the machine head size.