Our Company

Company's Philosophy - "Focus on providing high quality, exceptional service and value to our clients, employees and society & invest in maintaining long-term relationships with all customers"




Futuuremed Private Limited incorporated in 2012, focusing on development and designing of medical disposables and life saving devices.

Despite of it being a new company, the directors have more than 3 decades of experience in trading and manufacturing medical equipments. This experienced expertise makes us stand apart and higher from our competitors. Currently, this firm is focusing primarily on disposable products and Equipment covers.

Started as a small and medium enterprise the company has continued to expand its horizons and attain new highs through its loyal and supportive customers and employees.


Company's Viewpoint:

1. Toward end users of our products – As we believe in the value of human life, our paramount focus     is always on well-being of end users of our products.
2. Toward our employees - We invest in trainings and development of knowledge base of our                 employees. This  also includes inviting trainers from abroad with knowledge of globally proven           processes.
3. Toward society - We act as partners in any engagement and always focus on “Society First”. Also,       we believe in giving back to our society and donate a certain percentage of our proceeds to a           charity supported by Mrs. Sushmaa Gupta.